2019 Purebred Arabian

Due April 9th, 2019

Creating a prosperous future from the destiny-altering successes of the past is the extraordinary opportunity that awaits in the unborn foal of FOXBRIAR SHAKITA & MARWAN AL SHAQAB. This proven combination has struck gold twice already, in the iconic FA EL SHAWAN – three-time unanimous Brazilian National Champion, World Cup Supreme Gold Champion & United States National Champion, as well as in multi-international champion ALMA HVP, one of the brightest stars from the 2018 Marquise Invitational. Both of these stellar individuals are universally admired as amongst the most exemplary get of their legendary sire – the era-defining MARWAN AL SHAQAB, whose contribution to the positive global expansion of Arabian excellence continues to exponentially abound. Through FOXBRIAR SHAKITA, this aspiring superstar will be blessed with the exotic appeal of ZT SHAKFANTASY, a Scottsdale, All Nations Cup, European & World Champion, and one of the most enduringly influential sons of the legendary EL SHAKLAN, who is further endowed with the brilliance of BEY SHAH, BASK & the ‘Queen of Lasma’ HABINA through his maternal lineage. SHAKITA also contributes strength, substance and athleticism to the package via her respected heritage of Russian-bred nobility, tracing directly to Tersk foundation mare TAKTIKA. Hailing from a legacy that has already produced Scottsdale, U.S. & Brazilian National Champion QUEEN AYDA FWM, Brazilian National & All Nations Cup Gold Champion ESPERANZZA AL VENTUR, Scottsdale & U.S. National Champion NA’MOUS AL SHAHANIA, and the ultra-exotic leading international sire FA EL RASHEEM, this highly anticipated arrival is destined to define the triumph of tomorrow.


Unborn Foal 2019
2019 Purebred Arabian
Consigned by: Foxbriar Arabians, George & Marlene Rieder