2017 Grey Purebred Arabian Filly

Om El royalty … brilliantly blending the wisdom of near 50 years of breeding vision and leadership, OM EL BRIANNA represents the opportunity to start at the top with a filly of infinite potential. From the very first foal crop of emerging resident chief sire OM EL SINON, BRIANNA is unquestionably positively influenced by her paternal grandsire, Om El outcross sire and global powerhouse WH JUSTICE, a reliable source of exotic type, aristocratic elegance, dynamic presence and an overabundant exuberance for life, who has singularly redefined the landscape of the winner’s circle across the globe. Another infusion of outcross genius is also present in SINON’s pedigree via World Champion CAMARGUE, an unforgettable, superbly conformed, ethereal snow-white stallion of reputable Crabbet & Polish heritage who left an indelible legacy at Om El Arab. The essential element of straight Egyptian blood, key to the very foundation of Om El Arab, is also present in BRIANNA’s pedigree within the second generation via maternal grandsire ALFABIA AJIB, a pleasing manifestation of his RUMINAJA ALI, IMPERIAL IMDAL, ANSATA IBN HALIMA & JAMILL heritage. The golden thread that ties together BRIANNA’s regal pedigree is ESTOPA – the Om El Foundation mare discovered in Spain nearly a half century ago who became the ‘Matron of the Century’ under the singular guidance of Sigi Siller – to whom she has five essential crosses: three via the immortal EL SHAKLAN, and two via ESTOPA’s final two gifts to the breed, the vastly influential, universally cherished Aristocrat Dams OM EL SHAINA & OM EL BENEERA.

Om El Brianna
2017 Grey Purebred Arabian Filly
Bred by: Om El Arab
Consigned by: Om El Arab