2018 Chestnut Mare

A fairy tale beauty – an iridescent golden chestnut with a perfect blaze, enhanced by a flaxen forelock and mane with a honey-coloured tail – the ethereal LADY DOMINICA JSZ is poised to leave an indelible mark on the Arabian breed worldwide. Her namesake initials of JSZ reveal her South American origins, denoting her Chilean breeder Jorge Selume of Haras Santa Marta in Brazil, the country in which LADY DOMINICA has already begun her inevitably world-renowned ascent in the spotlight. A dual Gold Champion as a yearling at Brazil’s two most important and prestigious events – the National Championships and the all-important Breeders Cup, the latter at which she received the highest score ever awarded in the 24-year history of the event – LADY DOMINICA has raised the bar of excellence for Arabian fillies worldwide in the process. Her inspiring beauty and exotic type are no doubt the influence of the double-VERSACE heritage present in her sire, U.S.-bred DOMINIC M, through his two most famous sons: DA VINCI FM and the inimitable DA VALENTINO. Her extravagant front, impressively long elegant neck, harmonious silhouette and well-coupled level topline are reminiscent of the two indomitable show horses in her star-studded pedigree: MARWAN AL SHAQAB and DA VALENTINO. LADY DOMINICA’s MARWAN influence is through none other than two-time U.S. National Champion OFW MAGIC WAN, in combination with leading international Aristocrat HB BESSOLEA. The MARWAN-BESSOLEA cross is responsible for more global championship accolades than any other in the modern era – expect LADY DOMINICA to further expound upon these industry defining achievements with her own special brand of dazzling dominance.

2019 Brazilian National Champion Junior Filly
2019 Breeders Cup Gold Champion Filly

Lady Dominica JSZ
2018 Chestnut Mare
Bred by: Haras Santa Marta
Consigned by: Haras Santa Marta