2007 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Stallion

In the quest for more exotic type within the Arabian breed, one young stallion has consistently proven himself an impeccable sire of consummate quality, exquisite refinement and soul-inspiring type: JJ BELLAGIO. With a name that evokes the finest in style and taste, BELLAGIO continues to stamp each new generation of his world-class quality get with the attributes that have made him one of the most sought-after sires in the breed: exceptionally beautiful faces, long lean upright necks, smooth harmoniously coupled bodies, his long extravagant flaxen mane, an overall air of sophisticated elegance and refinement, and unquestionably, his trademark ultra-exotic type. A product of the ambitious and accomplished breeding program of Fernando and Joaquin de Santibanes., Haras Mayed, Argentina, JJ BELLAGIO ranks among the most universally admired and influential sons of Living Legend MAGNUM PSYCHE. BELLAGIO is further gifted with the uncommon beauty and grace of his National Champion dam JOYEUSE NY, an international Aristocrat Dam and one of the most celebrated daughters of Brazilian National Champion RSC CARHIF. A U.S. National Top Ten and Regional Champion himself, BELLAGIO has raised the bar of success as a sire, with champion progeny at the U.S. and Canadian Nationals, Scottsdale, Regional shows across North America, the Arabian Breeders World Cup in Las Vegas, the U.S. Arabian Open in Central Park, and increasingly so, internationally, with recent accolades accrued at the World Championships in Paris. As he continues to establish himself amongst the best sires in the breed worldwide, expect BELLAGIO to affirm himself as an impeccable source of awe-inspiring authentic Arabian type.

JJ Bellagio
2007 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Stallion
Bred by: Mayed SA
Consigned by: Gemini Equine, LLC